7 May 2010

God, do you know I'm sick being stupid?

Mom always told. I'm a clever person. I have excess. I love my mom. She always supports me.
I can be more than my friends. My friends are uber cool.
Why am I so lazy-ass in JHS? I'm sick being stupid!
GOD, if you have a formspring account. I would totally, always, everytime, ask you on FME.

Alhamdulillah lulus SMP. Bismillah SMA nanti :)

SMA nanti aku mau semuanya baru.
Teman baru, sahabat baru, hidup baru, skolah baru, pribadi baru, pikiran baru.
I don't ever need my JHS life.
JHS was fucking boring. Friends mean nothing. Their words could make me so down. I don't know what was on my mind. I just can't appreciate them lately. Wait, I loved my 7 - 8 graders life (NAHH, not really)
Life's sucks.
I need to/ gotta get a life. New life.

1 Feb 2010


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